About Me

I'm a computer engineer, technically....

...but really,
I'm that weird mix of analytical and artistic that results in standard material being conveyed in a beautiful and interesting way.

I dream of one day working on the next paradigm shift in hardware/software user experience. Until then, my goal is to grasp any opportunity I can that involves user interface or user experience design, software or hardware based.


BS in Computer Engineering (Dec 2012)
Minor: Business Administration
Honors Program, Regent's Scholar, Dean's List
GPA: 3.725

University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jeffrey S. Raikes School

The Raikes School is an Honors program at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Named after Jeff Raikes, the current CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the man behind Microsoft Office, the Raikes School aims to provide a multi-disciplinary education specializing in Computer Science and Management.

As a Raikes student, I was immersed in the software development and management lifecycle. The capstone course, Design Studio, pairs cross-functional teams of students with companies in order to solve unique real world problems with a software solution. I've summarized my Design Studio experiences below.

Microsoft Dynamics

Client: Microsoft Dynamics
2010-2011 Junior Year

My team's solution for Microsoft Dynamics involved creating a Silverlight web portal for the consumption of Microsoft Dynamics GP enterprise data. By utilizing WCF services and a C# backend, we were able to expose existing Microsoft Dynamics functionality to our application, which in turn integrated with server-side Microsoft Office Excel for data analysis functionality.

The main goal of the solution was to make the analysis and manipulation of data engaging for an end user, thus we focused heavily on dynamic user experience utilizing the Silverlight framework.

Speedway Motors

Client: Speedway Motors
2011-2012 Senior Year

As a senior, I was able to take on a leadership role on our team, serving as Scrum Master for our agile development processes for the majority of the year, as well as lead UI/UX designer. Our solution for Speedway Motors was My Crew Chief, a web application with the goal of helping racing teams track and analyze their racing data. We utilized the VB.NET stack for the application's backend, with a solid amount of Javascript and AJAX setting the foundation for an engaging front end experience.

We were also tasked with developing an Android application that would pair with the site. The app served as a sync-able stopwatch, notepad, and GPS tracker.


You can also download a copy of my physical résumé!

An SVG work in progress...

JavaScript 40
HTML5 35
CSS3 35
Silverlight 30
Flex 20
Ajax 20